Who are we

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Consultation Forum is a space created as a result of economic and social times that we are playing vivir.Es one place where professionals from different fields seek to pool their experiences to treat each case before us with “due diligence.”

Reproduce the words of Isabel Allende motto motto fits perfectly in our structure of thought.

While it is true that when many of our clients come to request our consulting services, there is a phrase that is repeated in most cases is: “… his had done this or that differently …

Although the current situation of many companies is not adequate, not all the decisions they made were wrong and moreover, took all thinking they were the best. Hence, “selective memory” is important to remember each and every one of those moments when our expectations were colmadas.Por other hand, in a financial environment practically zero, where cash flow problems are the order of the day, provide the dimension of our assets “logical prudence” required, must be, and try to be a paradigm of daily work. We give our organizations filters and alarms are working continuously with the sole mission of finding the equilibrium of bodies of assets we manage.

And finally “dreaming“.

Dreaming is not bad, quite the contrary, dream impregnated future defiant optimism” is the engine that drives us to move forward, it’s what makes our illusions impregnate the line they must pass the desired events.