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Manages the profitability and liquidity of your organization

The economic and financial objectives of the organizations are designed to generate sufficient profitability and liquidity, which determines the economic and financial management is key to ensuring its competitiveness, its continuity and development.

Query Forum bring you a comprehensive view of the process of economic and financial management that helps to sustain the strategic and operational management of organizations and as such, helps to ensure the profitability and liquidity of your organization and excellence in business management.

To generate the value that responds to the needs of internal stakeholders, governing bodies and staff of the organization and border agents, owners, investments, suppliers of goods and services, customers and potential customers, public authorities and social agents who exercise influence or power over your company.

With the support of our consultants economics and finance you can implement the techniques of economic-financial management to help you analyze, organize, evaluate and control the actions of the economic and financial resources quality and quantity needed and at the right cost and the protection of economic-financial assets and sources of funding for the organization, and measure, report and evaluate its effectiveness and efficiency.


Cash Flow or Cash Flow.
Creation and liquidation of companies.
Profit margins.
Business plans.
Restructuring the business or company.